Forever Yours

Forever Yours PosterJonJed Films teamed up with Mind Over Matter Productions to produce the short horror film Forever Yours. Shannon Carter has just relocated to a new city in order to put an extremely tempestuous relationship with an abusive and controlling boyfriend behind her. Trying to remain focused on her new job, she immediately begins experiencing horrid, symbolic nightmares of an intimidating figure stalking her. However, not only is this presence in her dreams, he suddenly begins appearing out of nowhere in random places throughout her day to day life, staring at her and then disappearing.

The dreams and the sightings increase to the point that a normally cool and detached Shannon begins wavering on the edge of insanity. Unaware of who the man is and what it all means, she enlists the aid of both the police and a charismatic but shady romantic admirer by the name of Rick Bradley in order to try and get to the bottom of the man’s intentions. Shannon finally realizes that the only sensible thing to do is return to her dreadful past and hopefully uncover clues to this haunting mystery.

Jennifer Russoli portrays a cool but intense Shannon¬†opposite Tim Ross’s confident and casual Rick, and Wolf Lewis makes his first appearance as the mysterious stalker.

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